Ariel Hyatt: From Publicity Director to Cyber PR Founder
Being the Boss: Entrepreneurial Trends in Today’s Environment
Marissa Bracke, An Expert in Small Business Architecture
The Importance of Networking Events for Entrepreneurs
Female Entrepreneur Success Story: Jules Taggart
Small Business Trends Show 5 Of The Top Fastest Growing Sectors
Changing Entrepreneurial Insight to Foresight
Entrepreneurship: The More You Learn The More You Earn
Women Entrepreneurship Is Closing the Gender Gap Across the US
Self-Investment and Ongoing Learning Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Ariel Hyatt: From Publicity Director to Cyber PR Founder

ariel hyatt

Ariel Hyatt has been a fierce entrepreneur for 20 years and runs Cyber PR, a dynamic social media and content strategy company based in New York City. She has spoken in 12 countries and is the author of four books on social media, two of which have hit number one on Amazon. Her newest book Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign comes out on October 25th and is available on Amazon. I recently caught up with Ariel to get her perspective on her own entrepreneurial journey…

Your career has spanned more than 20 years from a publicity director at a live music venue in Colorado to founding Cyber PR and specializing in working with creative entrepreneurs.  Please tell us how this evolution came about in getting to where you are now?

My career evolution has deeply aligned with my passion and my interest in growth. I am a creative entrepreneur at heart and I feel closely connected with other creatives.  When I first started my agency as a traditional PR firm, I served the music industry and musicians exclusively because I had an obsession with music and I couldn’t imagine spending my time in

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Being the Boss: Entrepreneurial Trends in Today’s Environment

3 Entrepreneurial Trends Driving the Business Landscape

entrepreneurial trends

You’re skilled and self-motivated with an entrepreneurial mentality and you’re ready to transition from employee to boss, but which type of entrepreneur are you?

The Visionary: Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs start out doing something they love and quickly identify the business opportunities surrounding them. Entrepreneurs are market leaders bringing new concepts into the marketplace, regardless of the competition. By nature their entrepreneurial mind drives them to innovate, face risks, and take the action necessary to establish a start-up company.

A 2015 report from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) states that 27 million, or 14% of working Americans are running their own business. This entrepreneurial trend indicates more and more people are embracing the idea of being their own boss and taking their innovations to the marketplace.

There are several perks to being your own boss; you have complete control of your company, flexible work schedule, the potential to create jobs for others and you reap the rewards of your success.

Conversely, entrepreneurs deal with financial hardships, being “on call” regardless of time and place and managing the various personalities of your team.

The Renovator: Intrapreneur
The intrapreneur sometimes referred to as an “internal entrepreneur” is

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Marissa Bracke, An Expert in Small Business Architecture

“Small steps forward, taken consistently, will get you farther than inconsistent leaps.”


I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Marissa Bracke, CEO of Bracke Enterprises and an expert in small business architecture. A self described “computer geek”, Marissa’s talent lies in her ability to see the “holes” in small businesses’ services, strategies and systems and setting up the right architecture (systems, processes and strategy) to shore up these holes and empower businesses to thrive. Our interview below has some great pearls of practical wisdom from Marissa. She goes deep. You are sure to gain some insights from this…

1. Marissa, you made a successful “pivot” from being corporate counsel to digital marketing and business architecture expert.  How did that come about?

Completely by accident!

I’ve been a computer geek my whole life — I learned early programming skills on an Atari 800 when I was around 5, and I was learning to code webpages in the mid 90s. It was “just a hobby.” Then when I was looking for a new attorney position, I started doing a little work for an online business owner. She initially wanted some help just answering customer emails, and I thought it’d be …

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The Importance of Networking Events for Entrepreneurs

Person to Person Networking Events Can Be a Game Changer For Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur networking events

There are so many ways to network these days that in person networking events have fallen by the wayside for entrepreneurs. But this can be a huge mistake that can lead to missed opportunities and lost benefits for your business. We create many business relationships online through Facebook, emails and other social media, but it is wise to remember that transactions are not relationships. By learning to balance online and in person networking, you can really keep your business ahead of the game!

4 of The Top Benefits of In-person Networking

1. Generation of referrals and increased business

This is one of the biggest, and most often considered benefits of attending face to face entrepreneur networking events. The people that attend these events are there for a specific reason and they are seeking you out as much as you are seeking them. When you attend the right events, the leads that you can generate are more qualified and will often give you a higher return rate.

2. Opportunities

Whenever you have the ability to make connections with other entrepreneurs at networking events, opportunities will abound! Opportunities like partnerships,

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Female Entrepreneur Success Story: Jules Taggart

This Powerful Female Entrepreneur Strives for Greater Human Connection in Her Digital Marketing Agency

female entrepreneur success story

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with entrepreneur Jules Taggart. Jules is a human-centered content strategist, speaker, consultant and educator. She believes intelligent business growth is fueled by forging deeper connections and creating more meaningful experiences, one client at a time.

Jules has been featured as a content marketing expert on many leading podcasts and websites.

When she’s not working, you can find Jules running near the beach in her hometown of San Diego; riding on the back of a motorcycle with her adrenaline-junkie husband, Jeff; or scrambling to keep up with her ever-curious daughters, Olympia and Helena. Here’s what Jules had to say to Biz zealot…

How and why did you come to the decision to start your own marketing strategy company?

In 2009, I was working in a corporate setting and really didn’t like my job. I really hadn’t thought much about starting a business until my boss at the time went to coaching school and started offering coaching services. I thought “why don’t I do that?” I started to reach out to friends and colleagues and let them know I was offering

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Small Business Trends Show 5 Of The Top Fastest Growing Sectors

It Pays to Learn About Current Small Business Trends

small business trends

Many times entrepreneurs start a business out of a personal passion or an opportunity that seems too good to pass up. But it can pay to investigate the current economy and how it is affecting small business trends before you invest time and money. Here is a look at 5 of the top growing small business sectors today.

The construction industry continues a strong showing in small business trends

According to Forbes, construction related industries are still showing faster growth than the average small business. Construction spending continues to be on the rise, and unemployment in this sector is at it’s lowest point in 10 years. Many segments of this industry, like those involved in site preparation, mechanical installation, remodeling and utilities all remain strong growth small businesses. Even areas such as pest control and janitorial companies have been on an upswing.

Computer related businesses are quickly climbing in the small business trends

Almost every area in our lives today are impacted by computers in some way. Even farmers rely on computers to help them track yields and soil quality data. There is a huge demand for IT support, to

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Changing Entrepreneurial Insight to Foresight

Entrepreneurial Insight Identifies What’s Going on Now, but Foresight Will Tell the Future

entrepreneurial insight

Many entrepreneurs believe that knowing what’s going on right here and now will help their business reach success, but entrepreneurial insight can only take a business so far.“Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight” said Henry R. Luce, American magazine magnate. How can a business owner forecast the upcoming years? Leveraging entrepreneurial insight to help indicate where trends will be in the coming years, using accurate charts, graphs, and tables made from nationally available information, is the key to creating foresight; therefore maximizing the future success of a business.

Putting in the Entrepreneurial Work to Gain Insight

Foresight is available to any entrepreneur; it just takes some research and analysis to put together. Nick Weber, 4i Principal, equates foresight with budgeting. He says, “If you don’t have any budget, I guarantee that you can just Google ‘how to budget,’ and greatly improve your financial situation. The same thing is true with foresight analytics. If you can download data and use some simple analysis to identify

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Entrepreneurship: The More You Learn The More You Earn

Jacqueline Whitmore, Etiquette Expert, Reveals How Etiquette Is an Essential Business Tool

Jacqueline Whitmore


I recently caught up with Jacqueline Whitmore, etiquette expert, author and certified speaking professional. She is  the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, a premier business etiquette consulting firm dedicated to helping executives polish their professionalism, enhance their interpersonal skills, and improve their personal brand.

Jacqueline shared her thoughts on her own entrepreneurial journey as well as some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs…

1. What got you on the path to becoming an etiquette expert? How does a person become an expert in this?

In 1993, I was hired to work as the assistant director of public relations for The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. It was a dream job. Part of my responsibilities included promoting the Summer Etiquette Camp for Kids. I was also in charge of hiring the etiquette instructor for the camp.

During the summer of 1994, I hired the woman in charge of The Protocol School of Washington in Washington, DC. That same year, she decided to add an etiquette camp for adults and encouraged me to attend. I attended the week-long camp and loved it. After the week was …

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Women Entrepreneurship Is Closing the Gender Gap Across the US

Women Entrepreneurs Tackle the Gender Gap With Astounding Numbers

women entrepreneurs
News sites across the country are talking about the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs like funding, annual revenue, loan approvals, and overcoming social standards. The gap between the sexes is closing thanks to the tremendous number of women jumping into the entrepreneurial role. And, as more women entrepreneurs jump in, there’s more people realizing that educational and financial opportunities must be present for women who are making a difference for the world. Let’s dig into some of the numbers…


women entrepreneursCNBC reports ,”Encompassing 40% of the global workforce … women entrepreneurs participate heavily in consumer-facing sectors and ventures like cleaning operations or running a local beauty salon or restaurant. But looking ahead, researchers say women entrepreneurs may play a more crucial role in offering local business solutions to global sustainability issues like secure sources of water, food and clothing.” It’s no surprise to most females that women entrepreneurs have a passion for helping people and the ability to find solutions to global problems.


Forbes indicates that “For every 10 men starting a business, there are 8 women.” They go on to say that “the reason for this rise in women’s …
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Self-Investment and Ongoing Learning Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Carolyn Landesman, Successful Entrepreneur and Leader, Shares Her Best Advice

entrepreneurial success

Carolyn Landesman is a successful leader, mentor and entrepreneur from Western Australia. She began her career as a teacher before she started and successfully ran her own small business before ultimately getting into larger corporate and educational roles. Currently, Carolyn is the Director of Innovation and Service at South West Institute of Technology in Western Australia. She has long been a student of business and entrepreneurship. And, she holds her MBA from Murdoch University. Here she shares some of her best advice with Biz zealot.

1.You Have a Background as a Certified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Can You Tell Us About What NLP Is and How You Apply It to Your Career/Business?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to communication and personal development created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. It’s often used as a coaching and counseling tool. The reason I became an NLP practitioner was to improve my leadership and communication skills in the business environment.

Each of us has a preferred way of communicating and learning. We are either visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners and communicators

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