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5 Steps to Starting a Business

5 Steps to Starting a Business

The Tasks Involved in Launching a Business Can Be Daunting. Learn the Five Most Critical Steps to Launching Your Dream Business.

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So you’ve thought about it for years, quietly doing the legwork to start your own business while holding down a full-time job.  Now you’re coming closer to setting your dream in motion, but the question remains:  how do you actually turn your new business from a dream into reality?  Of course, there are many factors to consider: location, products offered, price points, marketing methods, supplier partnerships, financing – the list goes on.  But what should come first in getting a small business off the ground?  Here are perhaps the five most important steps to starting a business:

  • Write your business plan – Even if you are not seeking outside funding at this stage, a business plan will help crystallize your vision and outline your first operational steps.  By actually putting important aspects of your plan on paper –including an executive summary,  company overview, market analysis, financial projections, sales and marketing strategies, and a product or service description –you will get a better idea of the business’s potential and lend your business more credibility from the outset.  It is also
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