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Uncover Why Thousands of Hardworking Employees Are Quitting

Uncover Why Thousands of Hardworking Employees Are Quitting

Ideas for Keeping Your Employees in Mind

Employees will often keep a job for benefits or a paycheck, even if they don’t love it. There are many ways to keep employees excited to go to work each day. An employer should aim to keep his workplace enjoyable, and the best way to do that is by knowing what the employees care about. The question is: what do employees care about?

Employees Care When Their Employers Carerunning a small business“What makes employees go the extra mile is the feeling of belonging to a team, of pursuing a higher purpose, of working with people who care about them as people, not as employees. When that happens, employees want to come to work. Work is more fun. Work is more rewarding. Work has meaning when we care.” Click here to read the full article about ways to show your employees you care.

Employees Care About Their Feelings Towards the Workplace
“We also have found that caring is not just about what you do for people; it is about how they feel about you and the organization. Many people will likely appreciate benefits and services such as dry-cleaning and gym memberships. We suggest, however, that employees …

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