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Alternative Capital Sources For Your Business

Alternative Capital Sources For Your Business

How Can I Raise Capital for My Business Without a Bank Loan?

If you are an entrepreneur who is trying to figure out new ways to raise capital, you’ve learned how competitive this process is. Read on to find out different and creative ways to raise your business more money without ending up in serious debt.

7 Core Principles to Raise Capital at Any Stage

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Know Your Market. Really. It seems super obvious and simple that you must ‘know your market’. But yet I watch dozens of entrepreneurs pitch their idea and not have the slightest idea who their customer really is or what market they’re playing in. You have to nail this part to stand any chance of raising funds.” Says Clate Mask, Founder of Infusionsoft.  See the full story here.

VC Funding for Your Startup

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You Have to Decide: High Impact or Small Business Entrepreneur?  You have to know going in what you really want; because you can’t have it both ways. If you go into high impact venture-backed entrepreneurship; you’re trying to build a business that’s going to scale and make people wealthy. And you’re not going to be your own boss for

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