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“Jiggly Boy”…A Truly Innovative Entrepreneur

“Jiggly Boy”…A Truly Innovative Entrepreneur

John Sweeney Is an Expert in the Art of Improvisational Theatre.  He Uses His Expertise to Bring out the Entrepreneurial Mindset of His Clients and Audience.

John Sweeney and his wife, Jenni Lilledahl are the owners of The Brave New Workshop (BNW), America’s oldest running improvisational theatre. Located in Minneapolis, BNW is a great American success story. Founded by Dudley Riggs, a former Ringling Brothers Circus aerialist in 1958, BNW was a pioneering institution in satirical comedy. In 1997, John and Jenni bought BNW and have been driving its success since.

The theatre boasts famous alumni that started their careers on its stages including US Senator and former Saturday Night Live (SNL) Comedy Writer, Al Franken, Tom Davis, another original SNL comedy writer, Comedian Louis Anderson and others. It has a wonderful heritage of world class “improv” and continues to thrive to this day. It was John’s unique talent that bridged the art of improvisational theatre to business innovation.

I was fortunate to meet John in 2005. While at Yahoo, I was tasked with running a significant client event and was in the market for a speaker. Through some of our

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