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Leaving Your Job to Work for Yourself Just Got Real

Leaving Your Job to Work for Yourself Just Got Real

4 Truths About Leaving Your Job to Work for Yourself

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If you’re considering leaving your job, then you’ve probably done some research on how to properly execute that transition. But you’re still sitting there wondering what you’re supposed to do while asking google “how do I become an entrepreneur with no money”, right? We’ll give it to you straight. There are probably lots of factors you haven’t considered – and if you prepare properly – you can overcome the challenges of entering entrepreneurship. Here we go…

Truth # 1: Leave your Job with a Skill

“Passion isn’t enough to start a high-earning business — you need to have skill. Susie Romans knows all about how to leave your job and earn real money, she says, “Get good at something, because you need something to bring to the table. I don’t want to mock the idea of following your passion, but you really have to have a skill, or expertise, or a story. Really highly skilled people and people with a high level of expertise can charge premium rates. You have to bring something to the table that’s impressive.”

Truth # 2: You’re Not an Accountant

leaving your job

Get an accountant (yes …

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