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Women Entrepreneurship Is Closing the Gender Gap Across the US

Women Entrepreneurship Is Closing the Gender Gap Across the US

Women Entrepreneurs Tackle the Gender Gap With Astounding Numbers

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News sites across the country are talking about the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs like funding, annual revenue, loan approvals, and overcoming social standards. The gap between the sexes is closing thanks to the tremendous number of women jumping into the entrepreneurial role. And, as more women entrepreneurs jump in, there’s more people realizing that educational and financial opportunities must be present for women who are making a difference for the world. Let’s dig into some of the numbers…


women entrepreneursCNBC reports ,”Encompassing 40% of the global workforce … women entrepreneurs participate heavily in consumer-facing sectors and ventures like cleaning operations or running a local beauty salon or restaurant. But looking ahead, researchers say women entrepreneurs may play a more crucial role in offering local business solutions to global sustainability issues like secure sources of water, food and clothing.” It’s no surprise to most females that women entrepreneurs have a passion for helping people and the ability to find solutions to global problems.


Forbes indicates that “For every 10 men starting a business, there are 8 women.” They go on to say that “the reason for this rise in women’s …
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