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Female Entrepreneur Success Story: Jules Taggart

Female Entrepreneur Success Story: Jules Taggart

This Powerful Female Entrepreneur Strives for Greater Human Connection in Her Digital Marketing Agency

female entrepreneur success story

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with entrepreneur Jules Taggart. Jules is a human-centered content strategist, speaker, consultant and educator. She believes intelligent business growth is fueled by forging deeper connections and creating more meaningful experiences, one client at a time.

Jules has been featured as a content marketing expert on many leading podcasts and websites.

When she’s not working, you can find Jules running near the beach in her hometown of San Diego; riding on the back of a motorcycle with her adrenaline-junkie husband, Jeff; or scrambling to keep up with her ever-curious daughters, Olympia and Helena. Here’s what Jules had to say to Biz zealot…

How and why did you come to the decision to start your own marketing strategy company?

In 2009, I was working in a corporate setting and really didn’t like my job. I really hadn’t thought much about starting a business until my boss at the time went to coaching school and started offering coaching services. I thought “why don’t I do that?” I started to reach out to friends and colleagues and let them know I was offering

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