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Marissa Bracke, An Expert in Small Business Architecture

Marissa Bracke, An Expert in Small Business Architecture

“Small steps forward, taken consistently, will get you farther than inconsistent leaps.”


I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Marissa Bracke, CEO of Bracke Enterprises and an expert in small business architecture. A self described “computer geek”, Marissa’s talent lies in her ability to see the “holes” in small businesses’ services, strategies and systems and setting up the right architecture (systems, processes and strategy) to shore up these holes and empower businesses to thrive. Our interview below has some great pearls of practical wisdom from Marissa. She goes deep. You are sure to gain some insights from this…

1. Marissa, you made a successful “pivot” from being corporate counsel to digital marketing and business architecture expert.  How did that come about?

Completely by accident!

I’ve been a computer geek my whole life — I learned early programming skills on an Atari 800 when I was around 5, and I was learning to code webpages in the mid 90s. It was “just a hobby.” Then when I was looking for a new attorney position, I started doing a little work for an online business owner. She initially wanted some help just answering customer emails, and I thought it’d be …

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