Building Your Dream Team

Developing the Right Recruiting Process to Snatch Top Employees

When you started your company or got promoted to your current position, you probably had a lot of ideas for improving or growing the business. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure you have the top employees on your side. If you haven’t done it yet, the problem could be that you don’t know where to start or how to start recruiting those people to form your team. You need to learn how to recruit employees and implement meaningful job interview strategies to interest top talent for the position. You want the best people working for you, so you should have them! Keep reading to learn best practices for recruitment.

Follow a Recruiting Process

“How do you find and match the right people to the right jobs? By including, in your comprehensive people strategy, a well-structured recruiting and selection program. The key to successfully developing such a program is to follow a proven recruiting process for the positions you need to fill. Resist the temptation to omit steps, because shortcutting the process can shortchange your results.” Learn more about how to recruit here.

Attract Employees By Building Your Brand

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“If you build a great brand that your employees love, they’ll act as ambassadors that help new job candidates embrace the idea of working there. If you’re confident that your brand is on-track, encourage happy employees to post about their experiences on social channels, Glassdoor, and similar spaces online. Top talent needs to know who you are and why they should want to work for you.” Learn more about attracting potential employees.

Think Beyond the Resume

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“Employers are missing out on fresh talent and perspective that’s vital to any business long-term. They’re failing to learn from and groom the next generation of innovators and leaders. Excellent candidates are being overlooked not because they lack ability, but because they have a blank resume. It’s time to look beyond the resume and start hiring these bright, young college graduates. Just as a blank resume doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of potential, a full resume packed with internships and relevant credentials doesn’t guarantee success.” More ideas here.

Use Social Media to Target a Specific Audience

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We have found that by using Facebook demographics to target demographics and behaviors, business owners can find qualified candidates using advertisements. Many business owners don’t realize the true potential/impact of a Facebook campaign when it is done correctly. We take pride in the fact that we offer a unique blend of amazing creatives and targeted demographics. We walk through the process with business owners offering them unique targeting ideas.” More creative ways to find employees.

Brainstorm Unique Strategies to Recruit Potential Employees

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More and more organizations are utilizing nontraditional strategies such as billboards, cold calls, contests, credit lists, former employees, group interviews, headhunters, interns, Internet searches, job offers to stellar employees of other businesses, mentors, most-wanted lists, multimedia job descriptions, previously overlooked applications, open houses, personalized gifts, professional organizations, public records, recruitment managers, referral incentives, scholarships, social network sites and special-interest meetings.” Read more.

Properly Prepare for and Conduct Interviews

“Interviews are a critical part of the hiring process. But many managers don’t know how to conduct an interview well. Here’s some advice: Prepare in advance. Create an agenda and a structure for the interview, including time limits. Work with HR, peers and your staffers to develop a set of questions and topics.” See more tips for job interviewing here.

Discover How To Build Your Dream Team

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“Most entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves, without getting any help from anybody. And it’s a recipe for disaster. When you pile all of the work on your plate, you’ll limit your business growth, plus you’ll damage your health because of all the stress… As an entrepreneur, I understand how hard it can be to trust other people to build your business… But over the years, I’ve learned it’s so much easier – and so much more FUN – to have a team of people helping you turn your vision into reality.” Get the program.


Do you have more ideas for recruiting employees? Maybe you’ve been recruited yourself! Share your story with us in the comments below.

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