Uncovering The Truth: Does Social Media Act As SEO For Your Site?

Could Social Media Act as the New SEO in Your Entrepreneurial Network?entrepreneurial network

SproutSocial reminds us that the tools needed to build an entrepreneurial network can be easy to leverage if you know how. They share, “the competition for visibility has never been stronger. With more businesses building out their content strategies and the rising advertising costs, optimizing your organic content is at its highest demand. Although social media doesn’t directly influence your search ranking, greater social signals (such as people sharing your content and sending more traffic to your website) can help you rank higher. Why is this important? Because 33% of traffic from Google’s organic search results go to the first item listed.”

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“Not just that, but social content is becoming increasingly more visible in search results”. Take a look at your social followers – are those people interested in your services or buying your products? Now is the time to check in to your entrepreneurial network to get rid of what’s not working and focus your social efforts into your own sales funnel. Your social networks are about to matter a whole lot more! “Google already has deals in place with Facebook and Twitter—you’ve likely already seen a Tweet or two appear in your search results. In 2016 we’ll see more platforms added to the index, further blurring the line between Web and social media.”

Your posts on Facebook and YouTube should also be optimized for search. Today 88% of consumers are influenced by reviews and online comments, and they’re turning to these platforms for just that. Searching on Facebook can now turn up public posts, so make sure that yours include relevant keywords and take advantage of character limit and hashtag best practices.


Start building keywords into your social posts, follow industry leaders, build your social network into your entrepreneurial network now so as more of your social shows up in web searches, your customers are finding you saying all the right things. If you’re still a little unsure of what your next steps would be head over to Loyome.com to get some support from the professionals about how to grow your customer base.

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