Uncover Why Thousands of Hardworking Employees Are Quitting

Ideas for Keeping Your Employees in Mind

Employees will often keep a job for benefits or a paycheck, even if they don’t love it. There are many ways to keep employees excited to go to work each day. An employer should aim to keep his workplace enjoyable, and the best way to do that is by knowing what the employees care about. The question is: what do employees care about?

Employees Care When Their Employers Carerunning a small business“What makes employees go the extra mile is the feeling of belonging to a team, of pursuing a higher purpose, of working with people who care about them as people, not as employees. When that happens, employees want to come to work. Work is more fun. Work is more rewarding. Work has meaning when we care.” Click here to read the full article about ways to show your employees you care.

Employees Care About Their Feelings Towards the Workplace
“We also have found that caring is not just about what you do for people; it is about how they feel about you and the organization. Many people will likely appreciate benefits and services such as dry-cleaning and gym memberships. We suggest, however, that employees also want to know that you care about them as an individual. An employee’s work life and home life are not necessarily mutually exclusive and genuine caring extends beyond workplace ‘perks.’” See the full article.

Employees Care About Personal Connectionssmall business owner“Providing tools for team collaboration and holding team building activities aren’t enough — leadership and management need to actively participate. Build personal relationships with employees and talk to them about subjects outside of work. Integrate into the team to bridge the gap between employer and employee and create a collaborative environment.” Read more ways to connect with your employees.

Employees Care About Recognition

“Ideally, we want recognition to occur every day. A disengaged employee is four times more likely to say they received too little recognition at work, so every day is an opportunity to change that perception. Weekly recognition rituals can be fun things for employees to look forward to, and consistency is great for building trust.” More here.

Employees Care About Quality, Not Quantity

“The best individuals have enthusiasm, persistence, work ethic and determination. When talking with the right applicant, don’t concentrate too much on their work experience. Mentality is vital and it conveys significantly more than simply the work experience itself. Work experience can be learned by the right individuals.” Read the rest here.

Employees Care About Clarity
running a small business
“Leaders must communicate a clear vision. People want to understand the vision that senior leadership has for the organization, and the goals that leaders or departmental heads have for the division, unit, or team. Success in life and organizations is, to a great extent, determined by how clear individuals are about their goals and what they really want to achieve. In sum, employees need to understand what the organization’s goals are, why they are important, and how the goals can best be attained.” See the 10 C’s of Employee Engagement for more.

Employees Care About Teamwork
what employees care most about at work“Never underestimate the power of teamwork, especially when teamwork means grinding the other team into the dust. Employees don’t want to be team players; they want to play on the winning team.” See these nine other reasons employees care.

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