The Importance of Networking Events for Entrepreneurs

Person to Person Networking Events Can Be a Game Changer For Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur networking events

There are so many ways to network these days that in person networking events have fallen by the wayside for entrepreneurs. But this can be a huge mistake that can lead to missed opportunities and lost benefits for your business. We create many business relationships online through Facebook, emails and other social media, but it is wise to remember that transactions are not relationships. By learning to balance online and in person networking, you can really keep your business ahead of the game!

4 of The Top Benefits of In-person Networking

1. Generation of referrals and increased business

This is one of the biggest, and most often considered benefits of attending face to face entrepreneur networking events. The people that attend these events are there for a specific reason and they are seeking you out as much as you are seeking them. When you attend the right events, the leads that you can generate are more qualified and will often give you a higher return rate.

2. Opportunities

Whenever you have the ability to make connections with other entrepreneurs at networking events, opportunities will abound! Opportunities like partnerships, joint ventures, leads, speaking and writing opportunities and so much more will arise in a way that would never happen without making these business connections.

3. Relationships and inspiration

Making connections with other entrepreneurs can be very beneficial. Not only is it really comforting to speak to people who are in the same situation as you, but it can be a great way to draw inspiration and discover new ideas and insights that will help your business. Making personal connections with other entrepreneurs at networking events can help you when you are in need of new ideas or advice with a problem.

4. Recognition and raising your status

No matter what your line of business, being visible in your community is an important building block to a successful business. Building positive relationships with community members will give you a favorable reputation in your area, which will help drive business your way.

How To Find Networking Events For Entrepreneurs

There are a host of great networking opportunities in nearly every location. You can check Facebook for local groups in your niche market, or for entrepreneur groups. BNI (Business Network International)  has over 7300 groups worldwide, and is the world’s leading referral organization. has thousands of groups like social, hobby and business specific groups, but also gives you the option to create your own group. And no matter where you live, there are local organizations such as Kiwanis and Chambers of Commerce; being involved in these types of organizations are amazing ways to become a household name in your community.


Taking Advantage of Networking Opportunities Is a Wise Choice For Your Business

In person networking events will build stronger, more productive, and mutually beneficial business relationships. Whether you attend formal networking events for entrepreneurs, or take advantage of networking in informal situations like dinner parties or in the elevator, face to face networking will give you a distinct advantage in your business.

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